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Weekly CFO-Business Owners Clinics Preview

Weekly CFO-Business Owners Clinics Preview     Business Owners, how can you cut short your learning curve, do not lose your money unnecessarily, increase your chances to succeed and know how to Scale and Expand quickly in your businesses? It is easy to be a successful employee, but very easy to fail as a Business…
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Free Cash Balance (FCB)

Free Cash Balance (FCB)     Knowing your FCB will make you more confident in business. It's month end, and your accountant just reported to you that the company's bank account has a balance of $100,000. What's the value of this information to you? Does this piece of information make you happy or sad or…
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Manage Your Gearing

Manage Your Gearing     Managing the Gearing of your company is critical to business sustainability. It is important to ensure Operational Cash is able to service your loans, and still able to set aside enough cash to meet monthly loan repayments. Failing which, insolvency will be a matter of time. While it is good…
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Have Internal Controls In Place

Have Internal Controls In Place     Do not tempt your employees to cheat on you by making it easy to do so. Try these 4 simple Proven tips to enhance your Internal Controls at Workplace : 1. Division of Duties ( the person who Orders must not be the person who Receives the goods,…
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