Sit Tight, Buckle Up For A Rough Ride Ahead!

Sit Tight, Buckle Up For A Rough Ride Ahead!     SINGAPORE economy is feeling the heat of the current slowdown in global economy. The latest COE is seeing a record drop of nearly $10k, showing signs that buyers have lesser “free cash” to bid for COEs. Many companies’ revenue numbers are beginning to see…
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Client Service Level

Client Service Level     It was a Mad Rush last night through the Wee hours! A new client wanted to incorporate a new company early Today morning. Somehow, due to some auspicious timing, the timing of incorporating this new company must be a certain time today morning. This client only called to confirm the…
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Succession Planning

Succession Planning     I onboarded a new accounting client yesterday. It’s a family business, with the parents having run it for nearly 40 years, and the children are taking over now. The children are strong believer in using numbers from Accounting and Analysis to drive their businesses. However, their current outsourced accountant is unable…
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