Keeping Proper Transaction Trails

Keeping Proper Transaction Trails     There are many start-ups which focused too much on their initial operational start up actions which they have neglected on keeping proper transaction trails, which many regretted thereafter. Many startup business owners will neglect the importance of keeping proper transaction trails as the initial transactions were insignificant. They started…
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Importance Of Standard Operating Procedure Or SOP

Importance of Standard Operating Procedure or SOP   Just received a query from an acquaintance on how to collect Debt. Perhaps I share some simple tips here... My further probing revealed that there was no official purchase order from the customer, no contract nor Letter of Engagement ( LOE ) signed or Sales Invoice ever…
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Group Structuring For Expansion

Group Structuring For Expansion     Your business has grown from 1 legal entities into a few legal entities, and you hope to structure all these entities into a meaningful group structure well positioned for further expansion. The overall group structuring can be complex, involving Top 10 Considerations in your planning and structuring exercise :…
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