Cut To The Chase In Your Business Planning Exercise!

Cut To The Chase In Your Business Planning Exercise!




Just yesterday and today, I completed 3 X 2-hour White Board Planning exercises with 3 different business owners.

These business owners are at different stages of their respective business growth cycle.

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours with 1 business owner on his impending new start-up. We went through , discussed and worked out his Capital Deployment, Business Model and Scaling Plan using just my calculator and some colored white board markers. He left my office on the dot smiling profusely, enlightened and energized. Obviously he knew exactly what to do and how to proceed now.

This morning, I spent 2 hours with a business owner and his team of lieutenants in my office meeting room on his disruptive business model hitting the market very soon. I surfaced the Capital Expenditure Plan calculation, Business Model with Product Offering-Margin-Fixed Cost-Breakeven Sale Required, and his inherent Go-To-Market flaws. The team left happily, energized, talking non stop all the way to the lift.

This late afternoon, I met with a very successful business owner, intending to scale his business to new height. I surfaced the tactic of appropriate gearing to maximize cheap funds for expansion. He left my office reluctantly on the dot as I had another appointment with another client, but obviously my pointers surfaced hit a cord in his mind, and he was in deep thoughts while leaving my office.

Gone are those days where it took weeks and even months to complete a business plan, and may not even be comprehensive enough to cover the needed points worthy to be considered.

I welcome any business owners who are keen to "straighten" your thoughts in doing a "business plan" to give me 2 hours of your life, I think I could change the rest of your life.



"We attended the 2 hour White board planning exercise and our meeting over breakfast with Kelvin and Menon. They provide very clear and concise information and skills. There is no doubt that each session with them we learn a lot of valuable tips that we can use for the company."

Shaun Guo, Founder and Managing Director of Delve Group of Companies


"Precious lessons to learn from Kelvin. A man of vast experience who is willing to bless others at a small fee. I am glad to attend his course and I am looking forward to attend the next one."

Jeffery Tan, Director of AOX Pte Ltd


"Attended a talk done by Kelvin... learnt a lot in the short 2 hours... will definitely approach them if we ever need help in the corporate backend of the business."

Michelle Neo, Business Owner at The Chinese Wedding Shop



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