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Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)     Doing a proper AML screening is part of our Accounting Onboarding for new accounting clients. We look at the Business Model, Cost-Revenue Relationship, flow of Funds and Rationality of transactions during all our new clients Accounts Onboarding exercise. Once we detect any area unclear, we shall extend our curiosity on…
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Increasing Your Share Value Just Via Increasing Profits!

Increasing Your Share Value Just Via Increasing Profits!       Nothing beats this basic fundamental... Increasing your Profits by ramping up Sales Value, Controlling and Rationalizing your major Cost components. Ramping up Sales Value requires deep knowledge in Branding, Pricing, Knowing the "Why" in your Product, using technology like CRM and App, and building…
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Rationalize Your Business Costs

Rationalize Your Business Costs   There are 3 major business costs, namely : 1. Material Costs 2. Manpower Cost 3. Rental Cost These 3 business costs combined would easily take up to 80% of your Sales Value! Sometimes, before you can scale up, you would need to Scale down effectively first. Scaling down in Manpower…
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