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The 4Ps To Success In Your Entrepreneurship

The 4P To Success In Your Entrepreneurship   ie Plan, People, Product, Process When we analyze all entrepreneurship successes, our only conclusion is, do the 4Ps right. Once the 4Ps are rightly executed, your business will be sustainable and scalable! Planning is the most important among all the 4Ps. The Chinese has this saying -…
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Plan, Plan, Plan

Plan, Plan, Plan     Lately, I have met some prospect clients, who ran into some kind of "dead ends" in their newly incorporated companies... They rushed to incorporate their companies without proper planning. Worse still, they entered into business with equity partners! All things seem okay at the start, after the company was formed,…
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What Are You Selling?

What Are You Selling?     Think... Are you selling a service or a product which would satisfy your customers and then they will not return? Or are you selling Trust and your Personal Character? Think... Are you selling the "What" or "Why You"? If you are only selling the "What", there are plenty similar…
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