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Are You Free For A Drink?

Are You Free For A Drink?     Our answer is typically "I am very busy, next time, Sorry" A good friend of mine passed away at the age of 48. He owned a chain of child care centers in Singapore. He worked day and night, achieved great success in business when he was alive,…
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Time Management

Time Management     Feeling fulfilled everyday since I started out on my own early last year. Just sharing my time management tips here... Always start my day with a meaningful "To-Do List" with appropriate time slots allocated for each item. Always make an effort to try schedule my time 60% for clients' work, 20%…
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How To Recover Your Debt In Singapore?

How To Recover Your Debt In Singapore?     A client was asking me this question yesterday. I shared with him. I think there may be others who may benefit from my response, just hope to share here... What happens when your usual letters to your Debtor have been ignored without any response?   You…
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