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Annual Employee Remuneration Reporting

Annual Employee Remuneration Reporting     ie Employee Earnings (IR8A, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B, IR8S) Every year starting this month January up to February, all employers will be very busy fulfilling this statutory obligation. We also received many enquiries to provide assistance in this aspect. Let me share some important takeaways here... All employers are…
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Employer’s CPF Contributions

Employer's CPF Contributions     As an employer, you are required to make CPF contributions at the monthly rates stated in the CPF Act. You can recover your employee's share of the contribution by deducting it from their wages.   Employees who require CPF contributions You must pay CPF contributions for your employees who are…
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Hiring Smart

Hiring Smart     A client was discussing with me a Job Ad he was going to put up with a very detail Job Description, and even a more stringent Job Requirement. After reviewing through the ad, I asked him one question, "Do You have a good budget for this position? " My client said…
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