Have Internal Controls In Place

Have Internal Controls In Place




Do not tempt your employees to cheat on you by making it easy to do so.

Try these 4 simple Proven tips to enhance your Internal Controls at Workplace :

1. Division of Duties ( the person who Orders must not be the person who Receives the goods, the person who prepares Document must not be the person who Authorizes, etc )

2. Block Leaves ( ensure employees who are key responsibilities to go on long leaves, and have someone take replaces him or her during the leaves of absence )

3. Joint Bank Signatories ( have Group A and Group B bank signatories, never Single Signatory. Group A can be Decision Makers, Group B can be Operation Persons In Charge )

4. Authorization Matrix (eg, Below $1000, can be approved by Manager, above $1000 to be approved by Director and Manager, etc.)

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