Hi CBO Team

The sharing session yesterday on "How to Structure Your Own Compensation to be More Tax Efficient?" was most useful.

The speaker Kelvin has shared many invaluable nuggets of wisdom that all business owners should and must know where tax planning & compensation is concerned (too costly not to know).

CBO has indeed outdo themselves this time round! My colleague who attended another similar talk 1 year ago received 1 template but this time round, you gave 13 templates for the participants!

Not only that, you've shared various scenarios which business owners could immediately relate to when doing their tax planning and compensation structure.

And of course, the best part is that participants get to walk away from the talk knowing that they can easily and legally receive tax savings that is 10x the price that they paid for this talk. And that's not even yet taking into account the tax savings in the future years down the road!

One word - AWESOME!

Thank you for conducting such a beneficial sharing!

Mr Edmund Ong, Co-Founder of EduEdge Learning Hub Pte Ltd